Tweezerman teams up with Lindsay Vonn

Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn has been announced as beauty product Tweezerman’s first spokeswoman and features in the brand’s latest advertising campaign, rolling out in the UK March 1st, 2013.

The skier will be the face of Tweezerman in upcoming commercials and print advertising. “For us, this is an initiative to promote brand awareness,” Conny Wittke, Tweezerman chief executive officer said. “We have a very clear internal objective to always lead the category and take it to the next level. We didn’t want someone predictable.”

Lindsey, 28, wanted to partner with the beauty brand because it appealed to her drive and love of competition. “I am always working and striving to be the best skier in the world,” she says. “I like setting the bar high and working with companies that do the same.”

Tweezerman had essentially the same reasons for tapping the skiing superstar: “Lindsey is not just beautiful. She is somebody who 100 percent embodies our values and strives to be the best. Tweezerman wanted to connect the idea that you need great tools for excellence, which you also need in beauty,” says Wittke.

The world-class athlete trains every day on and off the slopes. “I train on snow or race practically every day of the week between October and April. In my off-season, between May and October, I spend seven to eight hours a day in the gym,”  she says.

Yet Lindsay’s beauty regimen is equally important. Her secret to great skin amidst wind and snow? Sunscreen! “Trying to stay hydrated and moisturized is a constant battle that I wage but I am dedicated; I want to preserve my skin as much as possible, which is a challenge given the amount of time I spend outdoors,” says Lindsey.

American skier Vonn, who’s to work with the company throughout 2013 across its TV and digital campaigns, has also launched her own microsite (, showcasing her favourite items, an ambassador profile and behind the scenes videos.

As a gold medalist and world renowned beauty icon, alpine skier Lindsey Vonn knows the sheer importance of having the right tools for the job. Whether she is preparing for a night out, beautifying for a photo shoot, or gearing up to shred some powder, Lindsey insists on using the best of the best to give her the edge she needs. This commitment to quality explains why Lindsey has a combined 7 World Championship and Olympic medals hanging next to her vanity mirror. She demands professional grade precision and performance in everything she does and the results are simply beautiful.

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