Olympic Gold Medallists Front Make Mine Milk Campaign

Olympic Gold Medallists Laura Trott, Nicola Adams and Jade Jones have been revealed as the latest celebrities to front the make mine Milk campaign. Under the headline ‘m’ powered, the girls feature with the iconic milk ‘moustache’ in images on buses across the UK, in what is the final advertising campaign for the initiative which launched in 2010.

Laura, Nicola and Jade, who all won Olympic gold medals at London 2012 this summer, hit the headlines thanks to their athleticism, talent and sporting achievements. Since then, they’ve captured the hearts of the British public, who have been inspired by the girls’ healthy lifestyles, sparkling enthusiasm and determination to succeed.

Nicola, Jade and Laura can be seen against a gold background in the new Got Milk? poster, to match the colour of the medals they won at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

With each Team GB girl being the cream of the crop in their chosen sports, they are the perfect ambassadors for Got Milk? which aims to get the message out about the health benefits of low fat milk.

Carrying the headline ‘M’ powered, the advertisements aim to communicate the health benefits of consuming low-fat milk to teenage girls and families in Great Britain. The ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign is designed to remind people that milk, packed full of nutrients and containing less than 2% fat is the ideal product to keep you feeling good.

Laura Trott, the reigning European, world and double Olympic cycling champion, whose first word as a baby was ‘milk’, adds: “I have milk every day. I train a lot and always look forward to a homemade smoothie after a hard session on the track. Every day starts with a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk separately on the side (so the cereal doesn’t go soggy!).”

Milk Marketing Forum chairman Sandy Wilkie said: “I couldn’t be more delighted or proud to announce Laura Trott, Nicola Adams and Jade Jones as the new faces of the ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign. Young, talented and perfect role models, they truly are the perfect ambassadors for the white stuff, representing a generation of new icons for which the people of Britain can be proud.”

The trio follow in the footsteps of Kelly Osbourne and Harry Potter star Rupert Grint, who have both donned milk moustaches for the campaign.

Other stars who have appeared in the famous adverts include Green Lantern star and Marks and Spencer model Ryan Reynolds, singer Usher, model Elle McPherson and Formula One driver Jensen Button.

In the poster each athlete strikes a pose to reflect the sport they were successful in. Jade high-kicks into action to represent taekwondo, Nicola raises her white boxing gloves and Laura sits astride a bicycle as she did when she powered over
the finish line in first place at the Olympics.

The poster is finished off with a slogan saying ‘M powered’ with the words ‘make mine milk’ written underneath.

In addition Laura, Jade and Nicola all took part in the make mine Milk challenge, a mini Olympics tournament and the Challenge a Champion competition.

Given Britain’s incredible summer of sport, Nicola, Jade and Laura are a great reminder of what Team GB achieved at the Games.

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