Max Chilton partners with Blippar

F1 driver Max Chilton has teamed up with smartphone app Blippar, which uses augmented reality and image recognition, and is to encorporate more sponsors on the Marussia F1 Team car over the coming weeks to unlock games and behind the scenes footage to provide fans with an interactive experience on their phone.

When the logo is blipped using the Blippar app, fans will be given access to rich multimedia content personally introduced by Max Chilton, including video content which will be updated at every Grand Prix.

Blippar CEO and founder, Ambarish Mitra, said: “This is a momentous occasion for us as a company and for me as a lifelong Formula One fan.

“Partnering with Max enables us to showcase our technology while transporting Formula One fans to a rich world of multimedia content simply through the medium of a logo on a car or other print media. “It is extremely exciting that our logo will be beamed into millions of homes around the world. We hope this serves as an inspiration to other British tech start-ups who refuse to think small.” The blipp will also give fans the opportunity to take the BATAK challenge, a timed game of reflex and precision similar to the one Formula One drivers.

“Chilton, who makes his Silverstone debut this weekend said: “Blippar is an innovative way for the fans to interact with us and gain access to more content for the team and the car. It is great to have them involved for such an exciting weekend for me at the British Grand Prix.”

Max Chilton made his Formula One debut in 2013, racing for the Marussia F1 Team, having previously raced for the Marussia-backed Carlin GP2 Series team in 2012. He comes from a family of racing enthusiasts and his multi-millionaire  father, Grahame, is the proprietor of the Carlin Motorsport team.

In December 2012, Nikolai Fomenko, the engineering director of Marussia F1, announced that Chilton would race for the team full-time in 2013. The team confirmed the next day Chilton that would race. Chilton qualified 20th on his debut at the Australian GP.

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