Louise Hazel launches the Podium Effect

Following Monday’s announcement that she’s retiring from athletics, Louise Hazel has launched online fitness and nutrition regime The Podium Effect, offering subscribers the opportunity to lose weight with a personalised ’60 day shape-up fitness and nutritional plan’.

Through research, consultation and education, Louise coined The Podium Effect, a 60-day interactive fitness and health programme

“The Podium Effect has been designed to be an educational tool as well as a fitness plan. We have worked with specialist nutritionists to make sure it is a holistic programme that can benefit people’s health, fitness and lifestyle.” said Louise.

Louise’s background as a world-class heptathlete has certainly shaped the training, and this is demonstrated from the warm-up and extends right across the programme.

“I wanted to include elements of training from my athletics background in The Podium Effect. Coming from a multi-discipline event, I required a varied training schedule and I wanted the programme to reflect that.

“The programme is 60 days, the time I normally gave myself to get fit again after an injury. This is enough time to change someone from being inactive and out of shape to become fit and healthy.”

Aware of not being able to directly assist the consumer, Louise has created these videos to feel like one-on-one session, asking questions throughout, taking time to ensure everything is done correctly, and tailoring workouts (where possible) to the demands and requirements of the client. As well as offering expert tutorials on her Youtube channel.

A key aspect of The Podium Effect is the online community Louise is aiming to create and develop across a range of social media channels. The community will also be in with a chance to win a unique personal training session with the Olympian.

“I want people to be able to engage with and learn from each other, to be able to share their concerns, goals and achievements. Whether it’s a client or another REPs member, an online community is really important in this industry.”

Hazel has also been appointed Running Champion for the British Heart Foundation and is to host a number of running events each year across the UK.

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