Laura Trott Meets Prince Harry and Kylie Minogue

The Olympic cyclist has revealed how she couldn’t believe how down to earth Prince Harry was, saying, ‘You don’t expect him to be so normal’. She also discussed her meeting with Kylie Minogue at a party admitting that she thought, ‘This is mad’.

At 20, she still talks almost faster than she rides. Shooting the breeze with Trott somehow feels as effortless as a conversation with a friend on a lazy late summer’s day as she gushes about her transformation in great waterfalls of words. “Prince Harry was the best,” she says, recalling one memorable introduction at a beach volleyball match. “Not many people can say they’ve been that close to a royal. Anyway, we were drinking beers, because competition had finished. And we didn’t have a bottle-opener, because you’re not allowed them in the stands.

“So he opened one with his hands and the lid went flying, and it skimmed over this guy’s head by a tiny amount. He was like, ‘Oh my God!’ That’s really weird, isn’t it? You don’t expect him to be so normal.”

Laura Trott displays the breathlessness of one struggling to compute what has just happened to her. “The people I’m meeting, it’s nuts. I mean, the other night Kylie Minogue came up to speak to me. I really wanted a picture with her, so Vernon Kay took it. I thought, ‘This is mad. This is like a whole different world’.”

While her achievements have catapulted her on to every guest list this side of Chinawhite, she is not conditioned to play the social gadfly. Far more significant to her was the street party held in her honour last week in Cheshunt, the town of which she has grown fiercely proud since moving there as a child from Harlow.

“Everyone I cared about was there. My best friends came, and I hadn’t seen them in absolute ages because all the training in Manchester has taken me away. I could be with Jason, my boyfriend, my mum and my dad, my auntie and my sister, even my godmother. I enjoy that side of it more than I like the parties and getting drunk.”

After Britain’s most successful Olympic Games for 108 years, Trott is the face of our gilded generation. And perhaps her most beguiling trait, as she picks up her handbag and sashays back out into the sunshine, is that she does not even know it yet.

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