Kerri Walsh Jennings partners with Skin Authority

Three-time Olympic Gold medallist volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings has been named Ambassador for skin care brand Skin Authority.

Kerri, who has ‘trained’ closely with healthy skin expert, product formulator and Skin Authority CEO, Celeste Hilling on her skin care, will work with the brand to promote The Beauty Workout and Living The Healthy Skin Lifestyle programmes.

Hilling has educated and counseled Walsh Jennings, utilizing The Beauty Workout, an innovative routine to navigate skin challenges of world travels, rigorous training schedules, pregnancies and more. The individualized attention is one of the key factors in the Skin Authority brand’s success.

Together, Walsh Jennings and Hilling exude the benefits of following The Beauty Workout, which works to educate and empower individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices every day so they can achieve a lifetime of healthy, radiant skin. Simple daily skin care routines work much like physical fitness routines and are designed to maximize results with a minimum commitment of time and stress.

Skin Authority’s simple steps to address the four key areas of healthy skin fitness include cardio (speed up skin’s metabolism), stretch training (firm, tighten and lift circuit training), nutrition (a topical diet plan for the skin), and balance (your personal skin mantra).

“As a professional athlete, I have benefited from the advice and encouragement of great coaches,” says Kerri. “I just never thought of having one for my skin. When I met Celeste, I told her I always struggled to know what to use and when as well as what product or ingredient was right for me. Celeste laid out a simple, stress free routine and free access to a virtual skin care coach to keep me on track at home and on the road.”

Celeste comments, ‘It’s our mission at Skin Authority to provide women on-the-go, like Kerri, with the products and expert support necessary to achieve a lifetime of healthy, glowing skin. I love that Kerri takes her Skin Authority Beauty Workout routine as seriously as she takes fitness, training and nutrition. But more importantly, I value that she is a great role model for her children in prioritising sun safety and preventative skin nourishment on a daily basis.’

Skin Authority has been touted by MSNBC and The New York Times for its unique skin care coaching model. “Skin Authority created the skin coach model a decade ago because we believe that healthy skin care should be accessible to everyone,” says Hilling. “A skin care coach takes away the guesswork that is often associated with skin care. They listen to your needs, recommend the best products, and hold your hand throughout the entire process. Your skin is the body’s largest organ; why not protect its health?”

Kerri Walsh Jennings and teammate Misty May-Treanor were the gold medalists in beach volleyball at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics. They have been called “the greatest beach volleyball team of all time.”

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