Is the future of fashion Andy Murray polo shirts?

If you’re not a fan of tennis and have been wondering what all the fuss is about surrounding Andy Murray reaching the men’s singles final at Wimbledon 2012, then consider a couple of facts.

Firstly, no British player has won the men’s singles title in the Open Era history, which started in 1968 with the great Rod Lever, an Australian, lifting the trophy.

The Amateur era preceeded 1968 with the last British winner being Fred Perry in 1936.

So, 2012 minus 1936 equals a total of 76 years since a British player has won the championship.

Secondly, the name Fred Perry is not just the name of a bloke that won the championship 76 years ago, it’s also the name of a super-brand. Pump the name Fred Perry into Google and most of the results will be about men’s fashion and polo shirts.

And this is the sort of brand magic winning the Wimbledon title could bestow, and Andy Murray is way ahead of the pack, tiltering on the edge of greatness.

And for the time being there is no shame in losing to Roger Federer who has now amassed an unprecedented 17 Grand Slam titles–possibly a record which will never be broken. So Murray’s defeat will not deter companies swamping him with sponsorship deals.

I have no doubt that Murray, still only 25, will one day win a Grand Slam tournament, and that can only enhance his profile further across the globe. Tennis is one of the few sports in the world which straddles the globe and he will be sought after by global brands.

As Nigel Currie of the marketing company Brand Rapport has said; “His appearance in the final has lifted Andy’s profile and takes him into a space where global brands will start using him to promote their products”.

And even before the last ball was struck at Wimbledon 2012, preparations were already under way to ready the courts for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. And if Murray can back up his achievement with a potential medal in the Olympics, then this will only extend his profile further.

Now really is the time to get on the Murray brand bandwagon.

As Nigel Currie also noted; “For a brand to be associated with him at a time when he might actually make a conversion and win one of the major tournaments is pretty exciting”.

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