Future Endorsement Deals for Grand Slam Winner Andy Murray

Andy Murray’s commercial earnings could potentially triple as he catapulted himself into an elite sports sponsorship league occupied by stars such as David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton.

The British media and public celebrated Andy Murray’s first grand slam tennis tournament win at the U.S. Open. The Scot’s five-set victory over Novak Djokovic not only follows his gold medal at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, but also makes him the first British man to win a grand slam tournament since 1936.

“Yankee Doodle Andy!” British tabloid The Sun said about the Murray win. “Murray’s American dream as he lands first Slam.”

“Andy Murray puts U.S. Open pain to rest after fairytale in New York,” the Guardian wrote.

It only took 237 Grand Slam tournaments. “But Great Britain has a new champion to follow in the footsteps of Fred Perry, and his name is Andy Murray. Some British celebrities congratulated Murray via Twitter.

Mass entrepreneur Richard Branson had said the whole country was behind Murray as his victory would be a “perfect way to end the sporting summer.”

Forbes sports business blogger Patrick Rishe said the victory could help Murray win new endorsement deals. He said; “Though I still believe that a Wimbledon title would have an even greater impact on his future marketability, simply breaking through for his own and his nation’s first slam in decades should open up fantastic endorsement opportunities for Mr. Murray,”

But he emphasized that it is unlikely that “a single Grand Slam title would catapult Mr. Murray past Novak Djokovic in terms of endorsement earnings.”

Among tennis stars, Roger Federer makes an estimated $45 million in endorsement money, including from such brands as Nike and Rolex, Rafael Nadal gets an estimated $25 million, and Djokovic earns more than $10 million in endorsements, according to Rishe.

But he signaled that Murray could likely earn a few more million dollars in addition to the around $5 million in estimated endorsement revenue last year from the likes of Adidas, Head and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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