Footballer Landon Donovan teams up with the Skin Cancer Foundation

LA Galaxy footballer, Landon Donovan is encouraging men to stay safe in the sun. Teaming up with The Skin Cancer Foundation, in partnership with Energizer Personal Care, the athlete is part of a public awareness campaign incorporating print, digital and video advertising.

Landon, whose father was diagnosed with skin cancer, encourages men to protect themselves from harmful UV rays by seeking shade, covering up with clothing and applying sunscreen.

The awareness campaign is the second part of a two-year effort aimed at encouraging men to incorporate sun protection into their daily lives.

“Skin cancer is an important issue to me, as my father was diagnosed with skin cancer, but thankfully it was caught early and he is doing great today,” said Donovan. “There is a misperception that sunscreen and other sun protection measures should only be used at the beach. Whether you’re spending time outdoors playing soccer, enjoying a round of golf or mowing the lawn, protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays is essential.”

In the spring of 2012, The Skin Cancer Foundation and Energizer Personal Care together issued a survey to measure men’s knowledge of skin cancer and sun-protective behaviors. The survey confirmed a dramatic gender divide in sun protection and skin cancer awareness. Nearly half (49%) of men in the US admitted to not using sunscreen in the past 12 months and an alarming 70 percent of men revealed that they did not know what skin cancer warning signs to look for. In almost every case, men were less knowledgeable than women about the proper methods to protect themselves against sun exposure and skin cancer. This is particularly concerning because over the last 30 years, the incidence of melanoma among men ages 18-39 has increased by 400 percent and men over 50 are more than twice as likely as women to develop and die from skin cancer.

The campaign, which consists of print, digital, and television advertising, an interactive website and a related sweepstakes, was developed to address the survey findings and to work toward closing the gender divide in skin cancer awareness.  Donovan is featured in the print ad as a visual example of what not to do when it comes to practicing proper sun care. He is also featured in a video and on the campaign website providing sun safety tips. The campaign encourages men to adopt a sun protection regimen that includes seeking shade, covering up with clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses, and wearing sunscreen every day.

“We know that men are not incorporating sun protection into their lives the way that they should, and as a result, the number of skin cancer cases among men continues to rise,” said Perry Robins , MD, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation. “This campaign is one of the many ways The Skin Cancer Foundation is actively working to better reach men with sun protection messages. We are pleased to work with Energizer Personal Care and Landon Donovan on this endeavor, and we know that together we can inspire men to adopt these potentially lifesaving behaviors.”

The public can visit to learn the facts about skin cancer, sun exposure and the importance of sun protection. Additionally, by visiting the website and taking the sun-smarts quiz, users are automatically entered into a sweepstakes to win the opportunity to exercise their sun care knowledge during a sun-safe three-night guys’ getaway trip to Key West, Florida for three. The trip includes the winner’s choice of a deep-sea fishing excursion or a day of golf.  Go to for Official Rules.

“Education is essential to increase protection from the sun’s harmful effects, which is why we have partnered with Landon Donovan and The Skin Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of this important issue,” said Minna Raffin , Director of Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic brand sunscreens. “This campaign simplifies the sun protection message and encourages men and the women in their lives to be safe in the sun, no matter where they are.”

Energizer Personal Care is also a supporting sponsor of The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Road to Healthy Skin Tour, presented by Rite Aid.  The Tour, now in its sixth year , will travel across the country for four consecutive months. Local volunteer dermatologists provide free full-body skin cancer screenings to participants in a 38-ft RV customized with two exam rooms. To date, 16,000 people have received free skin cancer screenings through the Tour and volunteer dermatologists have detected nearly 7,000 suspected precancers and cancers, including 295 suspected cases of melanoma.  Educational materials that explain how to perform monthly skin checks at home and the proper ways to protect the skin from the sun on a daily basis are provided to Tour participants, along with sunscreen samples and other giveaways.

The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only global organization solely devoted to the prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancer. The mission of the Foundation is to decrease the incidence of skin cancer through public and professional education and research.

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