David Beckham inks publishing deal

Retired footballer David Beckham has signed a deal with Headline Publishing Group to release a new book.

The book celebrates his 20-year playing career with photographs, text and illustrations. It is currently untitled and is scheduled for release October 31st, 2013.

The book will corral images from the 38-year-old’s sprawling, globe-trotting career, which included stints with U.K.’s Manchester United, Spain’s Real Madrid, Los Angeles’ LA Galaxy and, most recently, France’s Paris St.-Germain.

“David Beckham is, without a doubt, the most universally recognized and popular sports person on the planet, and this gorgeous book will be a superb way for his millions of fans around the world to celebrate David’s remarkable achievements within football,” Headline Publishing Group said in a statement.

In May 2013, Beckham announced that he was retiring from soccer after a 20-year career that, during his time with Manchester United, saw him win two FA Cups and the Intercontinental Cup, among a slew of victories on the field.

His stint with England’s national team—115 appearances over 11 years—stands as a record for a player.

But Beckham has remained anything but idle since hanging up his cleats.

He’s been maxing out his star power with a slew of product deals, hawking H&M clothing as well as his own celebrity fragrance.

He’s has also been lapping up his daddy downtime: The father of four has been spotted spending more time with his family, recently participating in a sports day at his kids’ school in London, where—surprise!—he aced a race against other dads and won the gold medal. Score!

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