About the iBall


Useful Sports iBall Logo

Useful Sports are grateful to Select Sport A/S, Fabriksparken 46, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark for kind permission to reproduce an image of their revolutionary iBall. The first football capable of using goal-line technology.

In keeping with our ethos of selecting iconic and uniquely “Useful” images on our sites to demonstrate the synergy between our “Useful” services and items of outstanding “Usefulness” in their own right, when we saw the iBall we immediately knew it ticked all the boxes, and then some.

The iBall, or intelligent football, works through an internal web of copper wire, which uses induction to communicate with antennas mounted on the goal frame. The very same second the entire ball crosses the goal line, the system sends a signal to the referee’s wristwatch, allowing him to instantly call it as a goal. Brilliant. Simple. Overdue. And very, very Useful.

For further information on the iBall please visit the Select website: